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World Kidney Day

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

Today is world kidney day, and to spread awareness about the various forms of kidney disease we are sitting down with a healthcare professional and kidney failure survivor. Shree Mulay (CEO Of The Kidney Expert) stated, “did you know that one in seven kidney patients has kidney disease? That %15 of the population and out of that %15 of people who have it, 9 out of the %15 have no clue they have kidney disease.”

In July of 2020 Stevey Wilburn went to the doctor’s office believing he had a cold, his visit that day ended with some life altering news. Stevey Wilburn (Madison County Resident) informed us, “I went and I was tested and the doctor came back in and said Mr. Wilburn we’d usually let you go home and quarantine, but covid has caused you kidney failure.”

Wilburn admitted, he had a hard time accepting his diagnosis at first and did not want to start dialysis. Stevey Wilburn (Madison County Resident) explained, “thanks to doctor Shree Mulay who talked to me about peritoneal dialysis, and that fact that I was at stage 5.”

Doctor Shree Mulay is the CEO of the kidney expert. He has helped many patients suffering with kidney failure in the west Tennessee area. At the kidney expert cases like Stevey Wilburn’s are not uncommon. Stevey Wilburn (Madison County Resident) stated, “chronic kidney disease is something that starts off at any point of someone’s life. It could be a simple injury, the most common thing is uncontrolled blood pressure, or blood pressure by itself, diabetes, these are two very important causes for kidney diseases.”

For anyone battling with kidney disease Stevey Wilburn leaves a heartfelt message. Stevey Wilburn (Madison County Resident) stated, “I know it’s definitely probably an emotional time right now, but listen to your doctor, and trust your doctors skills and abilities, and try to stay around positive people.”

Makayla Davis

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