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'WNBJ Community Coffee Talk': Lifeline Blood Services

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - 39 News hosted its first WNBJ Community Coffee Talk this morning featuring Caitlin Roach from Lifeline Blood Services.

The community chats are monthly meetings, where different community leaders from non-profits, businesses, government, and other organizations come to our offices to tell us about themselves and their organizations.

Caitlin spoke to us about her job as the marketing manager at Lifeline, the importance of giving blood, and the process of blood donation.

“Giving blood is imperative to the health of our friends and neighborhoods around us. People need blood for all kinds of reasons and there’s no way to manufacture it so if voluntary donors have not donated so that we can put it on the selves there is no blood there when people need it,” said Caitlin Roach, the Marketing Manager at Lifeline Blood Services.

These coffee chats are a great way to find out more about our community and in turn, let people get to know us as well.

If your business or organization would like to participate in WNBJ Community Coffee Talk, email us at

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