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With restaurants and grocery stores closed, the salvation army feeds the community

As snow continues to fall, restaurants are closed and grocery stores are closing early. but the salvation army is here to feed the community.

The Salvation Army is working with an agency to provide food during this snowstorm. lieutenant Mark Cancia says they want to do everything they can to get people through this week.

“After making contact with an emergency management agency we are coordinating a response to make sure that people that are hungry and may need food, have that food to make it through this winter storm,” said Cancia.

“Because of the snow, a lot of area stores are closed,” said Marian Gurly, a volunteer.

Gurly came out to get items to residents who may run of food or other necessities this week.

“They could be running short and low on ingredients and supplies. And you see we have things on the shelf, we have hand sanitizers, baby diapers, a little bit of baby formula,” said Gurly.

As people are in their homes more this week using their electricity and heat, Cancia says the salvation army is prepared to help qualifying residents with utility bills.

“With people spending more time in their homes, we are expecting more assistance with food, utility, rent, and so I know that we will get through this,” said Cancia

With snow is expected to last through tomorrow, the salvation is prepared to feed and help as many residents as they can.

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