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Winter weather continues in West Tennessee


One of the big challenges when winter storms hit here in Tennessee, is drivers trying to get around in ice and snow.

“It is difficult I feel like for the ones here that’s not used to driving in snow, because we get a lot of calls where they have run off the road into the median and stuff like that,” said Johnny Weddle is the superintendent of Jackson's street department. Even he was surprised by the amount of snow we got, “We really didn't expect this this morning.”

Weddle said his street department does have a strategy when winter storms hit, “We always try to get our main roads first, like north highland, van drive, we try to get those roads, get those roads first.”

But driving isn't the only issue ... Down the road in Memphis many are without power and are coming here to Jackson for help.

“Generators still, we're having people from Memphis that are coming in to get generators because you know they are all without power… I guess Memphis is sold out," said Blake White the owner of the Ace hardware in Jackson. He says when power goes out people try other ways to keep warm, “Heaters, a lot of people buying heaters now…propane heaters obviously if the power goes out the heaters won’t work so propane heaters and gas heaters.”

White also advises homeowners to wrap exposed water pipes to prevent them from freezing.

But both he and the Jackson Street department superintendent agree that the best cure for the winter storm blues, would be some warmer temperatures.

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