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Will Student Loan Debt Be Forgiven??

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)

On Tuesday POTUS Joe Biden made his State of the Union Address. And while he touched on many of his campaign promises, one topic that was not discussed has been making headlines and that’s the elimination of student loan debt.

Back in 2020 while on the campaign trail one campaign promise that prompted many recent college graduates to vote for President Joe Biden was his promise to eliminate up to ten thousand in student loan debt. Andrew pentise (Student Loan Hero Senior Writer) stated, “so far in his administration though, no steps have been taken in that direction.”

Not following up on this promise has left many college students untrusting of his word. T’keyah Gwynn (Union University Graduate Student) emphasized, “if you are going to address certain things in your campaign to get you elected, then you should follow through with them.”

Extensions on loan payments have been extended twice, and with the new deadline steadily approaching, many graduates fear having the heavy weight of this debt weighting over their head. Myah Elion (Union University Graduate Student) informed us, “being fresh out of college and already having a certain amount of money to pay back just taking off even ten thousand dollars could really help a lot of people.” While T’keyah Gwynn (Union University Graduate Student) explained “being able to cancel an amount such as ten thousand dollars in student loan debts for students is going to help them to be able to be more contributing members of society and of the economy.”

As of right now there has been no updates on whether ten thousand in student loan debts will be forgiven, but while these payments are on hold right now, they will resume again in May of 2022.

Makayla Davis

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