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Why Shopping Local Makes a Difference in Your Community

JACKSON, Tenn. - City Gift Company believes every item you buy from a local store makes a difference in your community.

Store owner Debbie Goodrum explains how shopping local benefits the city.

“We are able to support other activities in our town, our taxes stay in Gibson County.”

Executive director of the Humboldt Chamber of Commerce Amanda Love agrees.

Shopping locally helps your economy, it helps you personally, shopping locally puts tax money back into your system, it’s what paves your roads, that’s what helps with your community, also sixty-seven to seventy percent of every dollar you shop locally stays in your community.”

Many more people are shopping online, but Goodrum highlights the personal appeal of shopping at a store down your street.

“Shopping online has many threats to it. Number one: you don’t know who you’re buying from, whereas if you come into our store, any of the local stores in your town, or our town, you make that personal connection.”

And Goodrum is confident more people will be making that personal connection at her store between now and Christmas.

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