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West TN Regional Training Center hosts school resource officer training session

DENMARK, TN (WNBJ) - The West Tennessee Regional Training Center is hosting the Policing on the Brain training class this week in Denmark.

The Policing the Teen Brain class is a train-the-trainer program designed to teach school resource officers how to improve and help deescalate situations with adolescents.

The three-day training session is taught by a licensed psychologist and a past police officer who now works for the national non-profit, Strategies for Youth.

“Our mission is to offer training that helps to improve the interactions between law enforcement and youth. Our training is based on the concept that we believe that if our officers understand why adolescents behave differently from adults their interacts will nationally be better," said David Walker, the Chief Operating Officer/Training Director at Strategies for Youth.

Madison County has 13 school resource officers and Sheriff Mehr wants to ensure that they are trained properly.

"The more knowledge you have the better job you can do so it’s just important to us that the SROs have as much training as possible. Training is something that the sheriff’s office really emphasizes, and we do so much of, but it is just another tool to put in the toolbox,” said Sheriff John Mehr.

Strategies for Youth teaches this class nationwide and they say they have seen positive results.

“As we have taught this class, across 22 different states over the last ten years we have been in existence. One of the biggest benefits we’ve seen a reduction in the number of arrests or detention for minor offenses,” said Walker.

During the training, the SROs will learn tactics to help officers connect with youth, to identify alternatives to arrest, and how to better communicate the role of officers in their lives.

For more information on the other training sessions offered, visit The West Tennessee Traning Center website.

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