West Tennessee State Fair Quilt Competition

Jackson, TN.

Things are heating up here at the fairgrounds. The West Tennessee State Fair will be happening September 14-19. Today 39 News got an exclusive interview about a quilt contest that will be happening during the fair.

The highly anticipated West Tennessee State fair has many activities in store. From special events, pageants, livestock, vendors, music, and competitions. One competition many are raving about is the quilt competition. People from all-across Madison County have entered their quilts into the competition for a chance at the first-place prize. The judging of the quilts has already occurred. During the fair the winners of this competition will be announced.

Superintendent of the quilt contest gave us some insight on what we can expect this year.

Lorene Crone (Superintendent of the Quilt Competition) stated, “Well we’re happy that people during COVID did a lot of quilting. We’re happy that a lot of people did come out. We didn’t have as many entries as we normally do, due to COVID. We still had a lot of people come out and enter their quilt.”

There are several categories in the competition, and antique quilts is one of the most popular. Some of these quilts happen to be family heirlooms passed down for generations.

Lorene Crone informed us, “they bring quilts that they’ve made, some of the antiques are handed down in their families, and we display those also.”

This lost sport is making a triumphant return at the 2021 West Tennessee State Fair.

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