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West Tennessee organizations are sending aid to Ukraine


As Russia’ invasion of Ukraine continues, medical, physical and spiritual needs are being met by west Tennessee organizations.

Mark Cancia of the Jackson salvation army said, “At this point, we've sent $7,000 overseas to help the work that's being done there. and as the community continues to support, we'll be able to continue to you know, send our support over there as well.”

Amy Garner west Tennessee Healthcare spokesperson said, “We were requested to provide some much-needed medical supplies and equipment for humanitarian efforts in Ukraine and Poland. and we were more than happy to do that. so, we donated things like bandages, antibiotics, other common medications, and common supplies, like syringes and those types of things. I think we donated about three pallets worth of medical supplies”

The Jackson Salvation Army and West Tennessee Health Care have been sending aid to Ukraine

“The salvation army has eight different service units in Ukraine primarily, and from those various sites people are being helped with food, with shelter, with clothing and other hygiene related items. to maintain or increase their quality of life,” Cancia said.

Cancia said that the Salvation Army was able to act quickly because they already had services in Ukraine, “What's nice is the salvation army had been in operation in Ukraine prior to this conflict. and so, the work that we're able to do now is just a natural expression of what we were already doing.”

West Tennessee Health Care along with other Tennessee health care organizations donated 85 pallets of medical supplies and more than $180,000 in financial support for the people of Ukraine.

The relief effort, supported by Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee and the state of Tennessee, is facilitated through Nashville-based global health non-profit hope through Healing Hands.

“We are just a small part of the efforts. and when our brothers and sisters in health care are in need, we want to be able to support them… because we would expect them to do the same for us if we were in need," Garner said.

The first shipment of supplies was delivered on Tuesday, March 22, and a second load will be delivered soon.

If you want to donate to the Salvation Army or Hope Through Healing Hands at or

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