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West Tennessee offers support for those impacted by the floods


We're now three days removed from historic floods in Waverly and the surrounding areas in Tennessee and there are still, this morning, about 20 people listed missing and at least 21 lives lost.

“Mom tried texting me, she said ‘come home immediately. Emergency. ASAP,’” says Ben Muha.

Ben Muha is one of the forty-one students at Union University that are from the area impacted by the floods.

Muha rushed to return home to Waverly to aid his family,

“I tried calling them, texting them and it wouldn’t go through…. I had no idea what was happening. I had no idea if they were alive.”

Muha’s family was okay but his mothers small business was completely destroyed

Muha’s school union university is doing what they can to help those affected by the flood.

“first and foremost we want to call people to pray…second is collecting things that’s an easy way to do that…we want to also be present for them. And send people so we’re organizing teams to go," says Union University president Dr.Samuel "Dub" Oliver.

The first team from Union will go on Saturday to help clean and renovate the houses that have been destroyed.

Local business are also doing their part to aid the victims of this disaster.

Mike Steinbach of Robinson Toyota says, "We got together and talked about it and decided we were going to start buying some products and reaching out to the community and asking them to help us.”

Union University and Robinson Toyota are accepting a long list of items for donations


* nonperishable food items

*hygiene products (diapers, female hygiene products, soap, etc.)


*cleaning supplies

The people impacted by the flood and Ben Muha are grateful for the support,

“It’s very comforting to know that there’s good humanity still out there.”

You can also do your part on the ground in Waverly by heading there to help.

“If you have a spare moment this weekend, please come help pick up trash. We have trash everywhere… and just pray these poor people that lost everything," says Muha.

In tough times like this the state and country rally together. The people here in west Tennessee are doing everything they can to help those in need.

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