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West Tennessee Expects Housing Expansion as Blue Oval City Progresses

JACKSON, Tenn. - The automotive assembly complex, Blue Oval City, is expected to open in 2025, and it is already a big topic here in west Tennessee.

The 5.6-billion-dollar manufacturing complex will be operated by Ford Motor company and SK Innovation.

The project is expected to provide more than 5,000 jobs.

“People are going to be willing to drive for a period of time, but eventually they’ll want to get closer, and when they want to get closer, they’re going to be looking for things like schools, parks, livability, roads…”

Executive director of the West Tennessee Home Builders Association, Kanette Keough, believes the arrival of Blue Oval City will add to our communities, and also lead to creating new ones.

The West Tennessee Home Builders Association expects the expansion of neighborhoods and the construction of new ones.

“The guy who’s building thirty houses a year, you know, he’s building thirty houses, he’s not building a community… the guy building thirty houses a year is building thirty houses in your community.”

CEO of the Home Builders Association of Tennessee, Charles Schneider, believes communities will expand with each new house built.

With about 5,800 new jobs created, the Home Builders Association expects a correlation of home construction.

39 news will continue to update you as Blue Oval City continues to develop.

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