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West Tennessee Awaits the Arrival of BlueOval City

JACKSON, Tenn. - With the arrival of BlueOval City to West Tennessee, people wonder what is happening and what will come from this.

The development of BlueOval City is underway.

With the development of this manufacturing complex, business employment consultant Peter Frost tells what this can do for the region.

BlueOval City is in the construction phase, so right now there are a lot of trades looking for more people to come and work for them. At their peak, they’re expecting to have eleven thousand people at the mega-site that are going to be working.”

According to the automotive assembly complex, its goal is to be a sustainable automotive manufacturing community.

According to BlueOval, the 5.6-billion-dollar battery and vehicle manufacturing campus will be the largest in the Ford world.

“So every trade that you can imagine is out there working right now, and they’re looking to peak at about fifty-five hundred people during the summer.”

Frost refers to how the opening of the Ford plant in Dearborn, Michigan changed the region.

“Ford, they’re basing this off a similar model of a plant in Dearborn, Michigan, and really what happened there was you had a lot of the manufacturers suddenly coming to the Detroit metropolitan area.”

BlueOval City is expected to open in 2025. More information about BlueOval will be shared as the construction of the complex continues.

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