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West Tennesseans struggle with questions about how and when to celebrate Halloween


As people pick up some last-minute candy and costumes for Halloween there are many questions in the air, like how to celebrate safely and how to celebrate safely and even what day to celebrate on.

“hang out with friends and per usually take my niece to get trick or treating candy and all that,” says Ahman Reed.

Ahman went on to say that they plan to trick or treat as safely as possible, "We’ll just wear some masks, and you know just kind of be safe, six feet as much as we can.”

Others are not as worried about taking precautions

“I am going to go to Knoxville… I’m going to a Halloween party… I am just going to cross my fingers and hope for the best on that,” says Shannon Fowler.

Another question regarding Halloween this year is what day to celebrate. The 31st is a Sunday this year and some are worried about staying out late, “we’ll do it early like seven o’clockish because she’s got school the next day,” says Reed.

One man says he plans to celebrate at Gene Record Park on Saturday, October 30th, "a bunch of churches are handing out candy.”

Many trunk or treats and other events are happening all weekend across west Tennessee.

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