West Tennesseans react to Russia's invasion of Ukraine


When people here in West Tennessee heard the news of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, they were shocked, and heart broken.

"It was surprising. I think it surprised a lot of people…that it happened when it did," said Dr. Greg Ryan political science and international relations professor.

Union student Ethan Voss said, “It’s really sad to see what’s going on over there…our hearts go out to the people over there and pray that everything gets resolved.”

For another student Nate Furlough the invasion hit close to home, “I had a friend who came to union who just graduated last year who's from the Ukraine, and we work together at the coffee shop. And I realizing when I was thinking about it last night, like they're really not so different from us. And those are just real people who are probably really scared and trying to figure out what they're going to do.”

He says his friend is safe at the moment, but he is keeping her in his prayers, “I think it's really sad and something that we should be keep our minds.”

Some students have been following the situation closely, Ethan Voss stayed up until 2 am last night, “I read the news quite a bit throughout the day. And so, I've been keeping up with the situation in Ukraine.”

Other students had not heard about the invasion when I asked for comment.

Union Universities political science and international relations professor Dr. Ryan says the invasion will have international effects, “Oil prices are going to go up everywhere… it's not going to help inflation in anything. Right. Because when fuel prices go up, it impacts any industry that moves freight right. To the grocery store, to whatever kind of store.”

President Biden announced heavier sanctions placed on Russia today but no military reaction yet.

“I wouldn't think right now that we're going to militarily intervene as escalation could be very dangerous,” Dr. Ryan said.

39 news will keep you updated on the invasion of Ukraine and the impact it is having across the globe.

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