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West Tennesseans provide relief for tornado victims


As support from all over the country comes to victims of the tornados in Tennessee and Kentucky, west Tennesseans are pitching in to do their part. First responders, the salvation army, and private citizens are on the move to help tornado victims in any way they can.

“We got the request to go to real foot with the tornado touchdowns so we worked actually Saturday and Sunday…assisting them in search. Searching some collapsed structures. Got back here Sunday night and had only been here like 15 or 20 minutes and got a phone call requesting us in Dresden, Tennessee,” says Madison County Fire Chief Eric Turner.

Chief Turner and the Madison county fire department set up a command post for the city of Dresden to work communication for the recovery efforts.

Chief Turner says, "We’ll probably be set up there for at least a week.”

Many citizens from west Tennesse went to help as well. Volunteers from First Choice Farm and Lawn, Turner construction, Dynamix casting fluxes, and staff from channel 39 brought meals to emergency search and rescue workers and linemen working to restore power in Samberg and Tiptonville. They provided 150 free meals for those working in the impacted area.

The salvation army has also deployed their mobile feeding unit, “Like a food truck and they’re out there providing meals, yesterday they served over 200 meals to both survivors and responders," says Lieutenant Mark Cancia the commanding officer for the Madison County Salvation Army.

Lt. Cancia says their goal is to provide help and hope, "Those survivors and those responders know that there’s someone that cares.”

Although there has been a lot of support already, there is still a ton of work that needs to be done.

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