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West Tennesseans prepare for Fall holidays

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - The month of October really brings home the feeling of fall as many prepare for the holiday season.

People here in west Tennessee are excited about the fall season celebrating holidays like Halloween and picking pumpkins to decorate their home with. Donnell Century Farm is just one place you can do just that.

With Halloween rapidly approaching digital marketing agency Digital Third Coast surveyed people in the state to see how likely they are to decorate for the season.

“When it comes to Tennessee ranks 20th nationwide for states that put up the most Halloween decoration. 82 percent plan to decorate their homes this year, that‘s nationwide. In Tennessee, we saw very close numbers again. 78 percent for Tennessee residents so very aligned with nationwide data,” said Matt Zajechowski, the Outreach Manager with Digital Third Coast.

Goodwill says thousands of people are expected to head to their stores to purchase inexpensive, do-it-yourself Halloween costumes and decor.

“At Goodwill, you can pretty much pick out any Halloween costume or do-it-yourself costume for under $15 so it is a huge saving compared to other retailers. You will see anywhere from $60 to $80 dollars for costumes there so it’s a big saving,” said Jarrett Heathcock, the Floating Store Manager at Goodwill.

One shopper at Goodwill was eager to décorate her new home for fall.

“Everything is like a sense of renewal. It is a lot of fun and you save a lot of money by shopping in thrift stores and giving back to the community in that way,” said Jamie Love, a Jackson resident, and shopper.

Donnell Century Farm Adventure has lots of activities the entire family can enjoy during the fall season.

This weekend the farm is inviting the public to come to celebrate their 187th anniversary.

“Every Saturday we have pig races, which people love. We have the candy cannon in which we shoot candy over the kids’ heads at a certain time, every two hours. We are going to have all those things thrown in and we like to interact with the people that come,” said Rose Ann Donnell, the owner of Donnell Century Farm Adventure.

Donnell century farm is open Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Sundays 12 to 6 p.m.

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