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West Jackson Baptist Church Has Its Second Annual Christmas Village

JACKSON, Tenn. - West Jackson Baptist Church is inviting the community to its second annual Christmas village.

The West Jackson Baptist Church is setting up the Christmas village in time for the holidays.

The church has the village available to view and has many activities for people to enjoy from tonight through Sunday night.

Ministry associate Michael Garber hopes this becomes a part of families’ Christmas traditions.

“Some people are going to make this their yearly routine. We’re all going to come together as a family for our Christmas village, I think it’d be a cool thing for us to be a family tradition during Christmas time.”

Some activities include a light show, a petting zoo, and a hayride nativity.

Hot chocolate and Christmas cookies will also be served.

Children’s ministry intern Nicholas Bitterling looks forward to seeing people celebrating together at the Christmas village.

“I’ve been able to be a part of things like this in the past and it’s just really encouraging to see people with their families just enjoying Christmas, it’s a great reminder for us what Christmas is all about.”

Bitterling believes this event does more than just provide fun holiday activities.

“But also, it’s a great way to see west Jackson, and show we care for other people, we care for the community.

Families are welcome to celebrate the Christmas season at West Jackson Baptist Church on Oil Well Road.

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