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West Carroll School Closing

West Carroll schools will be closed effective today due to an increase in COVID-19 cases

School superintendent Preston Caldwell announced this closure yesterday. With over 35 positive cases and 300 students quarantined Superintendent Caldwell felt this shutdown is what was needed to protect this school district.

Caldwell made this statement at school board meeting yesterday about COVID cases.

“We have 13 stockpile days. These 3 days that I’ve cancelled school, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday will be stockpile days in use. So if we do not change what we are doing, we will soon run out of stockpile days, and be looking at making up days later on at some point.”

Not all attendees were happy with the results of this meeting, many storming out and leaving, one even being forcibly escorted out.

Amber Alexander of West Carroll County student had these remarks about the meeting’s productivity. “I think we as parents were horribly misrepresented. Because we were told anyone could come to the meeting and that we could be here, and we came. What’s the point of a school board meeting if the parents can’t voice their concerns, especially if you’re being asked, questions and comments. What’s the purpose in that if a parent can’t voice their concerns about our kids.”

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