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'We need more space' the Jackson Madison County Library is outgrowing their facility

After speaking with the director of the Jackson Madison County Library, she says they’re looking at a long range plan. But the need for space here is immediate.

At a recent meeting the long range strategic plan and the new feasibility study for the library were reported.

The outcome showed the library needs more space, more like double the space they have now.

“Came up with a comfortable medium for us. But even with that it reviled that we are half the size we need to be, to service our public like we should," Dinah Harris, director of the Jackson Madison County Library.

Hundreds of people walk in the library each day to use their resources or to be in a community atmosphere.

Harris says that’s why space is such a big deal, “It doesn’t matter your race, your religion, your social status. Nothing like that matters at all. So, with that said, we have a lot of people come to the library just to be apart of the community."

The results in the feasibility report showed that over 77,000 square feet would allow them to serve their customers. Right now the library only has 34,000 square feet of space.

“The one thing is for sure and that’s we have to have more space, to serve the people of Madison County, we have to have more space.”

Now leaders and stakeholders with the library are looking for an architect to see what they can do with the space they have.

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