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Voices of Our Veterans: Robert Jones

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - 39 News is spotlighting another deserving veteran in the community. We call these stories Voices of our Veterans.

Thousands of veterans all across west Tennessee have sacrificed for us and these are their stories.

39 News introduces Robert Jones who served in the U.S. Army and National Guard from 1966 to 2002.

“I just took to the military; I liked everything about the military. My worst day in the military was a good day to me and so it was a good fit,” said Robert Jones, a retired Command Sergeant Major in U.S. Army.

Jones never had plans to join the military but was drafted in 1966. He enjoyed the experience and learned a lot about himself.

“I learned my faults, my weaknesses and I learned how to cope with them and what to do about it. So, it taught me about Robert Jones, and I use that all my life. I still do,” said Jones.

In the army, Jones served as military police because of his prior work experience as a cop in Tennessee and California.

As his career progressed, Jones took great pride in being able to pass along his knowledge to others.

“I got into a position where I could actually influence other soldiers. I could help them and teach them. I really enjoyed that,” said Jones.

Jones says his greatest achievement was being chosen to help create the First Sergeant Course for Reserve Components.

“We wrote a course of instruction for first sergeants teaching them how to be a first sergeant, what to expect as a first sergeant that sort of thing. And it stayed in the army system for about 12 years before modernization caused a change in that course. I am really proud of that,” said Jones.

The Command Sergeant Major says he recommends the military to anyone who may be unsure about their career path.

“The military will teach you a job. It will pay you while you’re doing it. You are in the safest environment you can be in. You earn benefits that will actually put you through college after you finish your four-year tour only. So, there is every advantage to do it,” said Jones.

Jones has two sons, one who is retired from the air force and the other is a musician. He also has eight grandkids.

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