Voices of our Veterans: Joseph Henry Davis


Joseph Henry Davis was in the Air Force during World War two in years 1945, 1946 and 1947

“I was in the eighty-air force. I didn’t serve too long just twenty-two months twenty-three days… I served out in Tuscan, Arizona…overhaul the fifty-caliber machine gun and then i went out in the field while the guy’s training to drop the bombs, some of them didn’t go off. We’d take them up and take the charges out of them… we had guard duty, I worked at the ammunition plant that’s we had guard duty at night some nights… and then while we was off we had a softball team and we’d go to different camps and play ball, softball… I played shortstop," says Davis.

Davis chose to enlist in the Air Force at age seventeen because he was tired of working on the farm.

“I was a farmer, we had our own farm down here off the bells highway… and I farmed all the time, did all the work and I got tired of it…I took my basic training in Scott Field Illinois and left Scott Field Illinois I went to Spokane Washington, gikerfield Washington, I stayed there then I left for Tucson Arizona. And stayed there until I got discharged," says Davis.

After being discharged from the Air Force Davis worked a few jobs before becoming an independent contractor doing masonry work.

He says, “I went into masonry for myself, so I worked all over West Tennessee... I built a post office in Gibson county, I built a bank in Milton, I built houses and subdivision, all that, did all that. I was a contractor.”

He worked on parts of 1-40 and even did the brickwork on the house he lives in now.

Davis is retired and currently enjoys goign to hope recovery church on Sundays.

He says, "I enjoy going to church and serving the Lord."

He lives with his granddaughter and loves his family, “Oh I got so many grandchildren I can’t count them all… I enjoy when they come out. They love paw paw.”

Davis turned ninety-three this month and was honored by Mayor Conger on flag day for his service.

Joseph shares his secret to living to old age, “The secret I know, I quit drinking at an early age, I quit smoking at an early age, I serve the Lord, I just enjoy life.”

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