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Visit Jackson, TN Releases New Visitor's Guide

JACKSON, Tenn. - Visit Jackson TN celebrates the debut of a visitor’s guide for our city.

Community members gathered downtown at the Tennessee Legends of Music Museum at the Carnegie.

They were some of the first people to get a first look at Jackson’s new 2023-2024 visitor’s guide reveal.

“The greatest thing about this… this guide is a labor of love. Several months went into putting this together. We collaborated with B3 Creative, a Jackson firm, and putting this together and for us the great thing is that it tells the stories of what's happening in Jackson and Madison County.”

Lori Nunnery is excited that more than 40,000 copies are being distributed to welcome centers all over the state.

Nunnery reports the guide is not just about Madison County but the region as well.

She knows it can be helpful to know what is there outside the county lines.

She wants inclusion for the rural communities in southwest and northwest Tennessee.

“Well, the great thing about this guide is it has many purposes for different people, if you’re looking for something to do, it has resources, if you’re looking for music, if you’re looking for history, if you’re looking for events and festivals, or arts and culture, it has a wide range of activities that are identified there, and the places that host these activities.”

To get your own visitor’s guide, you can request one from Visit Jackson TN’s website (

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