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Veterans and supporters line bridges over I-40 for "Bridges of Honor"


Today to honor veterans citizens in Jackson lined bridges over I-40.

"Bridges of Honor" started three years ago.

“We did this when we welcomed the 194 engineer brigade back from downrange, overseas, and we thought it was such a great idea and the guys and women coming home. We're so excited about it. So we decided to expand it and we've been doing this. This is our third year," said Jackie Utley of the West Tennessee Veterans Coalition.

Every year veterans and supporters stand on bridges over Interstate-40 proudly waving American flags and displaying banners.

“This one says, freedom is not free and the other one says, thank you, veterans. And you see the response we get. And for me, it is so heartwarming and really gets a little emotional at times to see the gratitude that these people display," Veterans Larry Newson said.

For Newsom this kind of tribute helps right some of the wrongs of the past, "I was a Vietnam veteran, and when we came home, we didn't get the same kind of reception that they get today. But it just thrills my heart to be here….just about every car and truck honks so it's got to be hundreds. And the trucks vary from just a small horn to a train hard. And it just makes me feel good that they share the same feelings that we do about our veterans," he said.

Honoring all veterans is what this event is all about.

“We have made it our mission to make sure that every veteran feels welcomed and honored and loved,” Utley said.

And with every honk, the veterans were honored for their service.

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