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USPS raises its mailing prices and sets holiday shipping deadlines

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - Prices at the post office are going up nationwide.

The United States Postal Service is increasing its rates for the holidays and recommending customers adhere to the new mailing and shipping deadline.

“The temporary price changes began on October 3rd, they are going to run through December 26th. The increase is for the cost of package handling. It also helps pay for the extra help people we hire,” said Albert Ruiz, the Strategic Communication Specialist with USPS.

The price changes will affect priority mail, priority mail express, parcel select ground and USPS retail ground, and first-class package service.

One customer at one of the post offices in Jackson totally disagrees with the prices increases.

“During the holidays we want to show love and we don’t want to spend any extra money during the holidays for stamps, sending gifts, and different things,” said Brenda Martin, a Jackson resident.

Another customer at the post office says the price increase is understandable.

“Although it’s something that we all hate to hear about, I believe it is a necessary evil. Unfortunately, there are many costs going up because of the COVID-19 situation. I just got through spending 28 dollars on two packages and that would normally have probably cost me half that price in the olden days,” said Violet Flores, a Beach Bluff resident.

USPS has put in place shipping deadlines so they can ensure that their packages can make it to their destination by Dec. 25th

“So, this year December the 15th will be our shipping deadline for retail ground service. December 17th our first-class mail service includes our greeting cards. Then the next date is December the 18th for our priority mail service and for those who are the procrastinators out there, we have December 23rd, which is our priority mail express service,” said Ruiz.

The postal service encourages customers to mail and ship packages as early as possible.

If you would like to avoid the long lines and crowds at the post office, USPS also offers online shipping options on the United States Postal Service website.

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