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Union University welcomes nearly 400 new students to campus


With the summer winding down that means college are starting back soon. Today Union University welcomed its new students to campus!

Welcome to union!!”

A lot of emotions were in the air as 385 new students moved into campus.

"It's really exciting. I've been waiting for this a long time, so I'm really, really excited," said Freshmen Brylee Williams.

Freshmen Evan Eads added, "Man, it feels great. I'm a little nervous."

"It's so exciting to have a new crowd of freshmen students coming in to begin their Union experience,"' said Union's Associate Vice President for University Communications Tim Ellsworth.

As soon as students and their families pull in, student leaders and faculty jump in immediately to help them move their stuff into the dorms.

"It kind of scared me not going to lie, but it made things a lot quicker and smoother. So I'm not complaining in the least," said Eads.

Williams added, "I was a little nervous when we were driving up to the school, but that really made me even more excited to get moved in and get started."

"It really shows Union's people focused priority and the community aspect that we have here on campus," Ellsworth said.

Today begins “Welcome Week” orientation for new students. And they are excited to get their college careers underway.

"I'm just ready for more. That's all I can say," Eads said.

Move-in day wraps up tonight with a chapel service for the new students and their families.

Ellsworth said, "It's a special time and an opportunity for us just to kind of dedicate their time here at Union to the lord and ask for his blessing on them as they start this next chapter of their lives."

As students settle into their new homes at Union they are reminded that "home is where the heart is."

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