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Union University welcomes back students on move-in day

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - A local university in Jackson is welcoming students back to campus today.

Student leaders at Union University are excited to see some fresh faces on campus.

The main goal is to provide a warm welcome to the incoming freshman class.

“I just love the whole process about move-in and college. I have a heart for college students and so to be able to help them and get them accustomed to their space and prepare them in that way,” said Mary Helen English, a senior.

One of the student leaders helping with move-in day explains why he wanted to volunteer and help students on their move-in day.

“I just know the experience was so awesome for me and I was a transfer, so I came in last year. Just the love and support they showed me moving in, just the happy facing so that is something we wanted to do. I know Mary Helen did too. She was actually one of my leaders back then," said Nate Hicks, a junior.

Move-in day brings a lot of hustle and bustle to the campus, but the staff there wanted to take a few minutes to celebrate the university’s president on his birthday.

“I was on the other side of campus, and someone came and said someone over here says they want to meet you. I’m like okay, who is it? I’m not really sure. Then anyway, I turn the corner and saw everybody. I was very surprised,” said Samuel “Dub” Oliver, the President of Union University.

The university has events planned for the next few days to get students pumped for the school year.

Classes at Union start Tuesday.

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