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Union University Tornado 15th Year University


Today we visited Union University where just yesterday marks the 15 year anniversary where the level EF4 tornado stuck here at the university campus.

Got a call back later because I couldn't get through to anybody I got a call back saying that there was confirmed reports that a tornado had hit union’s campus, there were buildings collapsed and there were students trapped inside the buildings.”

Tim Ellsworth is the vice president of communications at union university. He remembers what it was like when he arrived on campus Feb 5, 2008.

“So I made my way to campus and couldn't believe the amount of devastation that I saw. It looked like multiple bombs had been dropped on campus. our housing units were completely devastated, destroyed.”

Danny Song was a student in 2008.

“At seven o'clock I had 2 of my friends run into the commons and they said oh my goodness tornado is here we can see it."

The tornado ended up causing 40 million dollars in damages and injured several students but no one was killed. February not only marks the anniversary of the tornado, just last Friday Union University celebrated the 200th year anniversary of its founding.

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