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Union University nursing students talk about their profession during National Nurses Week

JACKSON, Tenn. (WNBJ) - This week is National Nurses Week. It’s spent honoring nurses and their positive impact on the health care system. 39 News talked to some aspiring nurses studying at Union University about why they choose this profession.

“I have always loved helping and I just feel like nursing is a great opportunity to really serve others. I feel like it’s a very practical way to serve others,” said Caroline Dunbar, a senior nursing student at Union Unversity.

Caroline Dunbar is a senior nursing student at Union University and she talks about what she enjoys most in the nursing profession.

“One of my favorite classes was definitely pediatrics. Kids have always had a special place in my heart, I really enjoy getting to go to clinical and just care for those kids. After graduation, I actually plan to work on a pediatrics floor,” said Dunbar.

Union University nursing students do two years of clinical where they get real-life work experience in a healthcare facility.

“So, we have been able to see all sorts of floors from mother-baby, to peds, to the ER so we have been able to see it all. It’s been really cool to get our hands in different areas and get to see what we enjoy doing,” said Nathanael Dean, a senior nursing student at Union University.

Along with the clinical experience, Union offers a class simulation of a hospital and operating room.

“It allows us to give the students a clinical experience in a more controlled environment. We have the ability to plan out the scenario, change the patients’ responses based on how the students perform and they are able to do it in a safe environment,” said Jennifer Sanderfer, the Director of Simulation and Interprofessional Education at Union University.

The 2022 nursing graduates at Union started their clinical in the hospital at the height of the pandemic and their professor commented on their work effort.

“I have been above and beyond impressed with the strength, courage, and resilience that these students have shown as they have been involved in these really difficult situations. One of the things I have continued to ask the students is even though they are seeing these really difficult things in their clinical knowing what they are getting into why do they keep wanting to do this? The overarching theme with the students is that they have this deeply rooted drive and vision for helping people,” said Sanderfer.

The 2022 nursing students at Union University will have their graduating ceremony on May 21st at 6 p.m.

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