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Union University new student orientation begins tomorrow


Over 100 future students are coming tomorrow to Union University's campus. Future bulldogs will spend two days in the dorms getting used to campus. During this time students will meet other students and meet with their advisor.

“They come to Union, they’re here on campus and they get to meet with the faculty member that their not only going to have in the classroom and make those relationship and partnerships and mentorships with but also they are going to meet with a faculty member that’s more than likely their mentor and their advisor for the next four years,” says Bo Mantooth the director for student leadership and engagement.

Union university students serve as leaders for the orientation. Mary Helen English is one of those leaders, she talks about why the orientation is so important.

“I think one of the greatest gifts is we get to kind of welcome students onto campus and really get to live life with them because this is what they are about to enter into. They just get a little glimpse, they get to spend the night in the dorms, and they always love that. But also setting them up for success and getting them acclimated to college and what college is going to be like.”

Students can choose from in-person or online orientations. The three in-person orientations are June 3rd through 4th, June 13th through the 14th and June 25th through the 26th. The two virtual ones are July 8th and 19th.

Students arriving tomorrow will be welcomed by Union students and staff eager to help them get acclimated to campus and Jackson

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