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Union University holds Campus and Community day


More than 800 students and faculty from union university took a break from class for the day and volunteered their services all over Jackson.

“This is just one small way that we try to demonstrate our gratitude and repay the debt that we owe to the Jackson community,” Dr. Scott Huelin.

This long-standing tradition of "a day without class to serve" began 19 years ago. That's when a devastating tornado hit union university

“Out of a heart to give back to the community, but also thanking the Lord for his protection during the tornados of 02, 03, and 08. We had massive destruction and devastation on our campus and the lord just really protected the lives of our students and staff and faculty…. the Jackson community came out and helped us clean up, rebuild and house students,” says Emily Shoemaker.

And now, each year, the university gives back. This year, campus and community day included forty-seven projects across Jackson. Both students and faculty pitched in to do all kinds of volunteer work, including cleaning, painting, and serving food.

Nicholas bitterling was one of the project leaders, “I love campus and community day I did it the last two years. It’s just really good for us to give back to our community… and also just to serve as Christ serves…we’re able to reflect that.”

Nicholas’ team painted both the teacher lounge and a brand-new teacher retreat room at Arlington elementary.

“As a community, we are one, we are a village regardless of what school you’re in. And if we all take pride and invest in our public school system then we all benefit from it…we really appreciate it and we’re grateful and thankful for them coming out to help us today,” says Dr. Shemon Reaves.

And the Union students also had something to be grateful for, “Every teacher that we saw today has given us a smile or waved at us and has expressed their thankfulness for us being here and it really warms my heart to see that,” says Jared Oliva.

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