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Union University Graduates react to graduation and share their plans for the future


Tomorrow, seats at union university will be filled with graduates. 39 news spoke with several about the big day and what their plans are for the future.

” I'm definitely nervous. I've really loved my time at Union. It'll be really bittersweet to leave, but I'm excited for next steps," said English Major Gabrielle Mcclellan

Business management major Grant Gammon said, "It's definitely a surreal experience… it's a little sad to say goodbye but I know that there are a lot better things ahead for me and I'm excited to step into them.”

"Tt's pretty exciting. Very, very bittersweet," Cell and Molecular Biology major Grant Jacobs said.

Tomorrow at Union 611 students will graduate with different levels of degrees, in a variety of different fields.

Some are going into their careers while others are continuing their education.

“My next step is going to be staying here at union, working on my master's and I'm actually going to be a graduate assistant with the union's edge program," said Gammon.

He said he knew Union was where he wanted to continue his education, "I knew if I was going to continue my education anywhere it was going to be at Union… and then as well, just being able to work with the EDGE program, it's something very close to my heart.”

Grant Jacobs will be pursuing is doctorate in Osteopathy from Lincoln Memorial University, "It just it just felt like I'd be miserable doing anything else. You know, I just really enjoyed being in the clinic, being in that setting. And helping people, helping them feel better and helping to manage their illnesses and prevent new ones,” he said.

Gabrielle McClellan will be moving to Chattanooga to take part in the Chattanooga Fellows' Program, "It’s a nine-month gap year program where you have a part time job, but then you also take classes and get to know the people in the Chattanooga community and put down roots just as a little bit of an in-between period between being in college but then being a full-blown adult," she said.

Gammond says their class has been through a lot, but they are finally at the finish line, "Just looking back over the past four years or you know, having to deal with covid sophomore year, there's been a lot that's happened over my four years at Union.”

A big congratulations from Channel 39 to all the graduates!

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