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U.S. Census Bureau Survey Lists Jackson as the Fastest Growing City in the Country

JACKSON, Tenn. - A survey by the U.S. Census Bureau reports Jackson is the fastest growing city in America.

But why is the city of Jackson getting so much attention from people all over the country?

Hutch Parkin has lived in southern California his whole life, but just moved to Jackson two months ago.

“Jackson is one hundred percent different than California. Everybody is very wholesome; the scenery is way different. It’s way more beautiful, there’s way more nature out here. I just love the environment; I love the slow pace.”

The survey from the U.S. Census Bureau reports Jackson’s population has grown from almost 130, 000 five years ago to more than just 180,000 last year.

And the survey shows it is still growing.

Parkin was influenced to move to Jackson after his grandfather took a leap of faith.

“He moved out here knowing nothing about Jackson, he moved out here just kind of in between Nashville and Memphis, and thought it was a good spot.”

The survey also reports one of the reasons Jackson’s population is growing is its increased job market.

Frank Gordon is from Chicago and moved to Jackson for his job in contracting.

“You’re already going to feel welcomed when you get here. Obviously when you get here you’ve already got your mind made up, that’s how I look at it. There’s a lot of places that will make you say ‘I didn’t want this’; I don’t think it’s that way. I think you want to stay; I want to stay. I like it, I want to stay.”

As more people from different parts of the country with different life stories move to Jackson, the survey predicts even more growth for the city.

You can see the full report at

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