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U-17 Jackson Soccer Club Girls are headed to the national tournament


The U-17 Jackson soccer club girls won the D2 regional tournament on June thirteenth in Decatur, Alabama. They will represent Tennessee in the national tournament next week.

Lilly Kate Varino the goalkeeper and captain of the team speaks about her and the team's mindset heading into the tournament, “My mindset is we just have to leave it all on the field, we have to do our best, and we have to use this season and use all that work we’ve put into and just go out there and show what Jacksons made of.”

The team is excited to represent Jackson and the state of Tennessee. Their coach that they lovingly refer to as couch JJ says that this is only the start of what the girls can accomplish

“you know and these girls can even move on from here and believe in themselves and knowing that they can win, they can play college, that they can play somewhere else bigger than this. Because if you tell me some one year ago they gonna win this, nobody would believe it, but looking back now what we did today should give everybody clear mind that whatever you work hard for you should be able to get,” says Jarju Malang the Jackson soccer club coach.

The girls head out on July sixth for the national tournament in Des Moines Iowa. The tournament will be a round-robin tournament where they will play all of the three other teams. The top two teams will play each other for the national title. The Jackson soccer club will play their first game on Thursday of next week.

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