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Two Local Business Owners in Jackson Feed Those In Need

JACKSON, Tn.- Business owners Andrea Murphy Boyd of Blessed Taxes and Christina Littlejohn of Kingdom Support solutions Ministries have found multiple ways to give back to the community. Today they chose to prepare food for those who may need a hot meal. When asked why they choose to give back, the answer was simple:

“Jesus. God gives in order for us to be givers,” said Andrea Murphy-Boyd, owner of Blessed Taxes.

The pair began giving out meals to the homeless in early 2023, and the idea started with a simple discussion.

“It really started honestly with a conversation between the two of us and then God just started springing ideas between the two of us, creativity between the two of us. And so, we were just on one accord,” explains Christina Littlejohn, owner of Kingdom Support Solutions Ministries.

After people receive their meal, they are presented with a one-page prayer at the end of the assembly line. There is also the option of receiving personal prayer from members of the church. These two business owners share that one of the main focuses of this event is to spread the love of God.

“So, in addition to being in, it's also an assignment to be out. So, the whole focus of it, which is what's going on here with offerings for every offered spiritual food and natural food, its evangelism,” states Christina.

“We love it!” exclaimed Andrea.

Andrea and Christina will be supporting the youth next Thursday at 12:30PM between Parkway East and Lincoln Courts Apartments. Food, drinks, and school supplies will be available. If you would like to know more about these two businesses in Jackson, you can visit the websites below:

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