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Two chain restaurants set to open in Jackson

Jackson, TN (WNBJ)-

This time last year businesses were closed, and some were going out of business, fast forward a year and now two big chains are setting up shop in Jackson. Popular Mexican grill Chipotle is being built on Van drive next to Walmart

and just a few miles away popular chicken place Slim Chickens will open on the 45 bypass.

Kyle Spurgeon of the Jackson chamber of commerce says that two major chains opening up like this is great news for Jackson, “yeah, Jackson has always been a retail destination for people in West Tennessee and that’s gonna continue. With companies like slim chickens and chipotle and others looking at this market, what that’ll do is just continue to make us more attractive and you’re gonna see more locally-owned restaurants pop up in this area, particularly in the downtown area and out north and south and other places. When you see companies invest here it just makes it…easier for other companies to do that.”

The owner of the old country store Brooks Shaw says that he is glad to see more restaurants in Jackson because it encourages friendly competition, “I’m really excited because any kind of growth like that is a positive thing for our city. It encourages good competition which is the lifeblood of our capitalist society… I’ve eaten at chipotle, never eaten at slim chickens but I’ve heard great things about it, so I look forward to trying them both myself. And it's great because it encourages people from the surrounding counties to come into Jackson. It encourages people from Jackson to get out and eat more often, which is always a good thing for businesses like ours, we wish them the best, and I can’t wait to try them."

Both businesses are expected to be hiring soon and open in twenty-twenty-two.

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