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Tree of Warmth for the community at the NED


The Tree of Warmth returns to downtown Jackson at the NED.

The NED started this tradition of providing free gloves, hats, socks and scarfs for anyone that need them back in 2017.

They continued the tradition today as Jordan Alexander dressed the tree of warmth right in front of the NED, "It doesn’t take long for stuff to go, people will come out if they’re cold they’ll take something, try to warm up. And then when we notice it’s getting low, we try to restock it. Typically, first thing in the morning when I get here I’ll look and see what the state of it is, redress it and then I do the same thing in the afternoon. And we do it more frequently when it’s really really cold.”

Jordan says the most needed item is gloves.

If you want to donate, bring your donations by the NEDand drop them off during normal business hours

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