Travel Local: Loretta Lynn's Ranch

Loretta Lynn is a well known songwriter that spent a lot of time in Tennessee during her career.

Her family opened the Loretta Lynn Ranch to give fans a look into her life.

“Keeping the legacy of Loretta Lynn alive is so important. She is in the hearts of many of the queens of country music. She paved the way for a lot of female artists, female vocalist, female songwriters, singers", says Anthony Brutto.

Brutto is Lynn's grandson. He is now the general manager of the ranch and he remembers growing up here exploring the 3500 acres of land.

“Growing up out here was really neat, you get a sense of you’re just out here. We have 3500 acres so you’re out here doing your own thing. You have a big 3500 acre playground", explains Brutto.

The ranch has hiking trails, kayak rentals, cabins, and houses one the largest camp sites in middle Tennessee.

All of the space allows them to host many events throughout the year, like the dirt bike event happening this weekend.

“We host lots of different events. Ranging from jeep events to gospel festivals to motorcycle rallies", he adds.

One place a lot of fans stop by is her home… Lynn’s home still has the original items that were in there when she moved out.

There is also an 18000 square foot museum with history and more named the Coal Miner's Daughter Museum.

“In our vault here, we house over 800 dresses here, so we could keep changing out yearly. You will see something different every time you come here", says the museum director, David Murphy.

Tune in next Friday, as 39 news’ travel local takes you to another destination. Imani Williams for 39 News at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch.

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