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Travel Local: Carroll County

Carroll County sits in west Tennessee housing over a dozen towns.

The county has many outdoor attractions where visitors spend most of their time exploring.

“We’ve got a lot of outdoor, we’ve got Carroll lake, which is over near McKenzie which is a 100 acre lake, we have a golf course, Carroll lake golf course that’s available. We have the sports shooting park for those who like to shoot", says President of the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce, Brad Hurley.

The county’s biggest outdoor attraction is the Carroll County 1000 acre lake.

The lake is the largest man made lake in west Tennessee and it started from an idea Huntingdon Mayor, Dale Kelley, had years ago.

“This is a unique economic development plan that has gone beyond our expectations at this stage of it", says Kelley.

Carroll county also has a number of local museums, the Dixie Carter Performing Arts Center, and Bethel University that also brings people to the area to see art and history.

But for people wanting to stay outdoors they have activities like golf courses, shooting parks, and lakes to help with social distancing.

“So, we’re not closed we are open in 2020. We want people to come and visit us. You know fishing is a great social distance activity, just being out on the water is so much fun", adds Hurley.

Join us next time as WNBJ continues to travel local.

Imani Williams for 39 News, in Carroll County.

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