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Travel in Jackson will likely increase in upcoming months, according to agencies

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - With COVID restrictions diminishing all over the country, more people are expected to hit the roads or the friendly skies. Especially since many schools will be having spring break in the coming months. Two agencies talk about the likely uptick in travel.

“We’ve got spring break coming up. The weather is getting warmer so more people will start to get out on the roads,” said Stephanie Milani, the TN Public Affairs Director, AAA - The Auto Club Group.

At the gas pump, drivers are already seeing an increase in prices due to the tension between Russia and Ukraine.

“So, gas prices reached a seven-year high as these tensions are kind of making their way into the oil market. So today in Jackson the price is $3.31 compared to this exact same time last year when the average was $2.35,” said Milani.

With travel likely to increase, the city of Jackson anticipates an increase in tourism due to some upcoming events.

Some of those events include the West Tennessee Sportsplex hosting a baseball tournament, Andrew Jackson's Marathon, and the Miss Volunteer American Pageant.

“We are very lucky in Jackson to have as many great hotels as we do. So, it makes it easier for us to entertain more guests in our community, so we are seeing a great influx of people coming through. Although during the pandemic things slowed down, they continued to do business and do business well in Jackson and Madison County,” said Lori Nunnery, the Executive Director with Visit Jackson, Tennessee

Visit Jackson talks about the continued growth in the area.

“With the strength that we have with the West Tennessee Sportsplex and other events in our community, our future looks very bright for Jackson. We have continued to see growth in the hotel/motel tax generation for our community. We are putting that to work to help market Jackson to other communities outside of our area to get people to come and visit us in Jackson,” said Nunnery.

For a list of events in the Jackson area, you can check out the Visit Jackson website.

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