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Travel in Jackson picks up after COVID-19 vaccine arrival

According to a survey by Destination Analysts a little over 52 percent of Americans say they will be visiting more outdoor destinations for travel.

Lori Nunnery, Executive director of visit Jackson, Tennessee, says they are already seeing that trend in Jackson.

“Well we are seeing teams come into the sports plex and we’ve seen a definite increase in our Tennessee state parks and the travel that goes on to those, because people are looking for the outdoors," says Nunnery.

Nunnery says travel and tourism here was not hit as hard as it was in larger cities.

Since the vaccine came out they have seen more movement in the area.

“As the vaccine comes out, we have seen a slight rise in travel. We are very fortunate in Jackson and Madison county, travel did not take quite the hit that they did in the larger cities like Memphis and Nashville,” adds Nunnery.

But they are still taking into consideration that some people are just not ready to start traveling.

“There are people that are getting out and traveling like normal and then there are people that are still not traveling. That is okay, people have to do what is best for them," she says.

Nunnery says although Jackson is a mid way point for some and a destination spot for others they are working with hotels and restaurants to keep everyone healthy.

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