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Toyota Tennessee receives House Joint Resolution from state legislators

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - Today, some state legislators in Jackson presented Toyota Tennessee with a House Joint Resolution honoring them for their recent name change.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing was formerly known as Bodine Aluminum, officially changed its name in 2020.

Toyota says the plant is dedicated to improving the lives of Tennesseans through philanthropic donations, which totals up to more than 1.7 million across the state.

“It is a team effort, truly a team effort because they have invested hundreds of millions of dollars into our community. They continue to invest; they continue to help as Senator Jackson said and Representative Shaw said on our education side,” said Rep. Chris Todd, from the Tennessee House of Representatives.

The Toyota Tennessee plant in Jackson makes engine blocks for every Toyota made in North America.

Some west Tennessee legislators are grateful to Toyota for their continued support in west Tennessee.

“We know that this plant is going to continue to do what it does best and that is not only to provide knowledge for its employees and the community but, also to manufacture goods and services that people need across this country,” said Rep. Johnny Shaw, from the Tennessee House of Representatives.

“They provide really high-quality jobs, high-paying jobs for the state and for this area, for Jackson-Madison county. It’s very important that the state does their part in giving them the resources, with training, with many other things the state can help make this a great location,” said Sen. Ed Jackson, from the Tennessee State Senate.

An employee with the plant expressing his appreciation to the legislators.

“It means a lot, having Senator Jackson, the two House of Representative members, Mr. Shaw and Mr. Todd comes in and gives us the award. Having legislators helps aide the company and taking care of us, you that means more to me than anything because now I see that the future for this facility here in west Tennessee is on the upswing,” said Tracy House, a skilled team member at Toyota.

After the legislators presented the resolution, they were able to tour the plant.

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