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Tornado Damage by the numbers

After tornadoes ripped through Tennessee along with Kentucky, Arkansas, and Missouri, the people hit hard by the storms have been left to pick up the pieces of their destroyed businesses

The red cross-checked out the damage done by last weekend's tornadoes and figures more than 1250 people here in Tennessee were impacted by the storms.

174 homes listed as destroyed.

249 with major damage meaning they are currently unlivable.

312 have minor damage.

And 442 are listed as “affected with cosmetic damage or damage to non-living areas like garages.

The American red cross is on the ground trying to help in any way possible.

“We’ll start developing casework and service delivery for those that have lost the major destroyed, that can't live in their homes and then we’ll also have services that will support those that may be cleaning up,” said Mid-South Executive director for the Red Cross John Brown Jr.

Brown said the Red Cross has now moved from the initial "response phase" to "the recovery phase."

And Brown said his volunteers are getting some serious questions from those who have lost their homes, "Where do I have Christmas dinner at this year? What do I buy Christmas dinner with?”

He says the timing of this disaster... Right before the holidays... Has added to the suffering.

The Red Cross is now concentrating on doing everything possible to help the victims

“The main thing is to try and get folks a sense of some normalcy.," Brown said.

Over 1,800 free meals had been served and 1,000 emergency supplies like tarps, cleanup kits, bleach, and hand tools, etc have been delivered to 201 homes hit by the storms. For the next few days, food, water, and supplies will continue to be delivered to people still cleaning up their homes. Caseworkers are also working with families to find out exactly what they need to recover from the devastation.

Brown says their goal is to meet the needs of people and “Trying to make sure that folks know that there are folks out there that care about them”

Over 70 Red Cross staff and volunteers continue to work on the ground in the impacted areas of Tennessee, along with other volunteers who came here from across the country

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