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Today the Madison County Veterans' Services office hosted an event to connect veterans with benefits


The Madison County Veterans Services office hosted a Veteran’s Outreach event today.

“We're hosting this event to just show our appreciation for all our veterans. Let them know that there are a lot of benefits out there for and just show them everything that they can be entitled to…because I don’t think our veterans really know what they’re entitled to," said Reginald Sims of the Madison County Veteran's Services.

The event brought financial services, mental health services, veterans benefits and employment opportunities all under one room for veterans in the area.

“We've got a great veterans department here. They're willing to see us ready to assist, and they're here for all veterans, so I'm a veteran and I appreciate what they do very, very much," said County Commissioner Gary Deaton.

Madison County Mayor A.J. Massey says he believes in the importance of taking care of our veterans, "We need to make sure that we serve those because we're standing on their shoulders. We are only here today and do what we have today because of their sacrifice and their time and their family sacrifice.”

Deaton agrees with the mayor, “Let me tell you what. It's important that this nation supports our veterans because if it weren't for our veterans, I'm not sure what kind of nation we would have today.”

The veteran's services office plans to make the veteran's outreach day an annual event.

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