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Today American House brought the Fair to it's residents


When the fair comes to town.....people are attracted to the midway like a magnet. But not everyone can get out to a fair, so American House Assisted Living brought the fair to its residents.

Darlene Montegue American House's Life Enrichment Director said, “It's very hard for them to even make it to a fair or a carnival. So I felt, hey, we can bring it here. So that's what we've done. And we all work together, and we've made it happen. They're having a good time.”

American House invited its residents and their families to enjoy fair food, games and of course a dunking booth to raise money for the Alzheimers Association

“When I got here at 830 this morning. They were already looking out the windows to see, you know, putting things together, decoration and, you know, just food and everything. So they have been really excited about it," Montegue said.

And the residents were not disappointed, “It means quite a bit. Just like I said, anything that's different up here is pleasant," said Resident Willy McCadney.

Marilyn Cagle said if it weren’t for this event, her mother wouldn’t be able to experience a fair, “It's very hard to get mother out, to go anywhere. We occasionally have to do it, but she doesn't understand and it's hard to get her in the car and take her places. And she really enjoys this.”

Cagle gives American House a blue ribbon for the way they treat their residents, “It means a great deal. I mean. They get out and. They get to do things. And instead of sitting, watching

Four walls.”

For these happy residents.....this is one year where cotton candy and the midway came to them.

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