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UNION CITY, Tn.- You can shop until you drop! I am standing in front of the doors that will soon be 5 below and Tj Maxx here in Union City!

“I think I'm gonna like it a lot because the nearest ones are in Jackson, and it's like, 50 plus miles from here, so i think it'll be a good thing.”

Julia terry also thinks that the new stores will bring in more people to Union City.

“Even people passing through, they'll see it over here and they'll probably stop in, you know? so, yeah, I think it'll be good.”

39 news was able to speak to Penny Glisson who has lived in union city since she was a child.

"We don't have anything besides this store out here, the Bargain Hunt that has things, you know, your product, your items that are department store items but can't get resale value, you know, the price for it.

and I think the T.J Maxx and the 5 below is awesome.

Penny feels like this is just what the city needs.

“I just thought there was always something kind of missing.

and I think this is going to be it. I really do. and it just makes me feel happy to be from here and to know that our community is working on things like that.”

Both stores will be located at 1700 West Reelfoot Avenue and are expected to create more than 40 jobs for the Union City area! No word yet on exactly when the stores will open.

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