Tips to survive an active shooter situation

JACKSON, Tenn. (WNBJ) - In light of the Buffalo, New York shooting, where 10 people were killed last weekend, some people may be seeking information on what to do if they are in an active shooter situation. 39 News talked to two organizations about some life-saving tips.

“Don’t hesitate. Get yourself out of that situation as quickly as you can,” said Rick Brooks, the Director of Training with the Madison County Sheriff's Office.

The Director of Training with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office says it is best to be prepared beforehand because seconds wasted hesitating could cost you your life.

“Have a plan. Think about what you would do if you are in that situation. Know in advance some ideas on how to react and also we spend a lot of time with family and places of business and schools so do things to prepare your family,” said Brooks.

Safety Academy USA is an academy that offers self-defense training for the workplace and home environments.

The academy also offers active shooter training and explains some advice to follow.

“When you can get out, get out. Always be aware of the exits and where you are in the building. If it is not safe for you to get out then properly hide and barricade into a certain room,” said Michael Pelonzi, the Chief Instructor with Safety Academy USA.

The chief instructor describes some suspicious behavior to look for from a possible shooter in the workplace.

“If you have an employee with increased absenteeism or his appearance deteriorates, his hygiene, he starts to smell. He’s very adamant or adversarial to policy changes. Goes off the handle with extreme outbursts without any provocation. Something is going on in that guy’s life. No one wakes up one morning and just snaps. It’s a progression to this,” said Pelonzi.

Both the Madison County Sheriff’s Office and Safety Academy USA offer active shooter training.

They both say the training is essential and could save your life or someone else’s life.

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