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Tips to protect your home from winter weather


Madison and the surrounding counties are under the first freeze warning since March- if your home isn’t ready for the cold weather, there could be consequences.

“If your pipe freezes and you won't even know that it burst for a while, so it falls back out. You can be at work and just losing hundreds of gallons of water and wouldn't even know it. And it potentially turns into a very costly repair versus something you could have prevented very easily," Craig Jacobs of Affordable Construction said.

The best way to prevent frozen pipes is one simple action Jacobs says, “If you have pipes that are an exterior wall like kitchen sinks and stuff like that, let them trickle when we're in freezing weather and it'll definitely help prevent further damage or them freezing up on you.”

Jacobs says any crawl spaces should be closed. Before you turn your heat on this year, clean your air vents and have professionals check your furnace.

“Every year you should have your furnace maintenance,” Jacobs added.

Jacobs says not having that maintenance done is costing you…literally.

“Every year you don't do it. You lose about 3% to 6% efficiency on your unit. So he's gone ten years without doing it. You know, it's about a 30% loss on efficiency. When you think your bills going up, really you're just running a lot less efficient," Jacobs said.

When the cold weather hits, make sure that any outdoor faucets are protected by a styrofoam cover.

Follow these tips and when the cold temperatures hit you’ll be ready.

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