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Thrift Stores see a Big Increase in Donations this Time of Year

JACKSON, Tenn. - This time of year is when a lot of thrift stores, such as Goodwill, are seeing a forty percent surge in donations.

If you have some old tee shirts you don’t wear anymore, now is the perfect time to donate them or any other unused items you may have.

As we enter the new year, you could declutter your home and get a fresh start.

The last six days of the year is when Goodwill sees a big increase in donations.

Goodwill representative Jamie Davolt tells 39 news how this week’s donations are important for the new year.

“This annual increase helps carry us through other months of the year when people tend to donate less frequently.”

The most common items donated are women's and children’s clothing, but there is a need in other items such as winter essentials.

“We’d love to see more cold weather items such as blankets, comforters, jackets, coats, men’s clothing, anything that could help somebody in need during the cold months.”

This donor believes in “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

“Was cleaning out some closets and had some shirts my husband didn’t wear, and I thought ‘I would rather have somebody use them’ so I thought I would come out and get rid of some of my stuff and donate and help others.”

You can donate to Goodwill anytime Monday through Saturday from nine A.M. to eight P.M. or Sundays from ten A.M. to six P.M.

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