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Three schools in Jackson are putting aside their differences and working together to fight hunger


Jackson Christian School, University School of Jackson and Trinity Christian Academy met at the Regional Inter-Faith Association (RIFA) today to team up against hunger.

“We're having our schools bring in cans of foods, and we’re going to give the food to RIFA," Desirae Walker of JCS said.

The food drive at the three schools is a tradition that has lasted over a decade.

“About 11 years ago, Trinity new USJ came together to have a joint food drive where they competed against each other to see who could raise the most money. 11 years later, this has kind of morphed and changed …into schools competing against hunger," Shawn Powers the Assistant Director of RIFA said.

These three schools might be rivals when it comes to football or basketball, but today they're unified together for one common cause.

"We're all schools from Jackson. So I think it's kind of cool how, like, we're connecting through, like a nonprofit organization that is in Jackson," Preslie Lovelace of TCU said, "So we're kind of all trying to like, connect to like a common goal, even though we might like, have our differences and like go to different schools."

“To come together, hold hands, link arms, and fight toward that common cause of fighting hunger. It's just a great thing," Powers said.

This food drive raised over 56,000 pounds of food for RIFA last year.

Powers said, "We're entering into the season of thanksgiving and Christmas and the need always seems to increase during those times. So this food drive helps us to ensure helps us to make sure that we have enough food to help me the need here in the local community."

USJ, JCS and TCU are ready to step up and meet that need.

“We want to keep trying to provide for our community. And I feel like RIFA is a big part of the Jackson community. And just around the world. And yeah, just want to give back," said Mimi Campbell of USJ.

Giving back is what the food drive is all about.

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