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Thousands spend the weekend celebrating the city of Jackson's birthday!


It was a historic weekend in Jackson as thousands gathered to say “Happy Birthday Jackson!”

The Bicentennial events mark 200 years of history, dreams, and progress in the city of Jackson- and citizens are excited to be a part of it.

"It means everything to me," John Dixon said.

"This is exciting. This is history for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren in generations to come. And I'm so glad to be a part of it. It's. It's a great feeling to see the crowd that has gathered today," Terri Graham-Chism said.

It means a whole lot to me. Just being a part of Jackson and being involved," Johnetta Black said.

The birthday weekend consisted of a choir concert, a parade, burying a time capsule and a LOLO and Commodores concert at the ballpark!

Whether they’ve been here for a long time or just moved here, Jacksonians say they are proud to be a part of the bicentennial history.

Graham-Chism said, “You know, this means a tremendous amount of pride for me to be a part of this celebration in Jackson, Tennessee, where I've been born and raised.”

“I moved back here recently in November from Atlanta," Lonnie Parker III said, "I'm originally from here, so I think I move back here at the right time. So I think it's awesome that the city is celebrating its birthday.”

Lanan Bouye said, “This is just this is all new to me. But it is it's exciting. It kind of. It brings the community together. Yeah. And it and everything is just so nice. Everybody is getting along and it's beautiful.

“It gives us a lot of information, historical information about how Jackson came about and everything. So it's nice, wonderful, proud to be a Jacksonian," Black said.

The events celebrated the past and inspired some to work for an even better future.

“A weekend like this can let folks know you need to be a part of the community, get busy if you're not already busy, get busier and do things to help keep our city thriving, keep it beautiful and inviting to others… it's encouraging me even more to be a part of the community giving back," Graham-Chism said.

“Hopefully, it's a spirit of goodwill. I mean, we all have this common commonality and hopefully, that will continue to flourish and spread goodwill among all those who are in Jackson and even hopefully the surrounding counties as well… let's go. Let's hopefully hit another 200 years," said Parker.

This was supposed to be the end of the Bicentennial celebration. But city hall will host an official birthday party Wednesday at 2 o’clock. You’ll have one final opportunity to join in a milestone celebration of Jackson's past….present…..and future.

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